Jessica Jordan


Jessica is a Berlin-based software engineer working at simplabs - a Munich based software company specializing in Ember.js, Phoenix and Ruby on Rails driven application development and consulting. She has given talks at tech meetups and conferences, including EmberConf 2017, jsDay 2017 and ClojureBridge Berlin 2016, and likes to share her passion for JavaScript, CSS and animations. Apart from that she is one of the co-organizers of the Ember.js Berlin meetup group and workshops under the umbrella of OpenTechSchool Berlin.

Javi Velasco


Javier is Lead Frontend Engineer at Audiense and the author of React Toolbox, one of the most popular React UI Kits, used by huge companies like Netflix. He's passionate about the React ecosystem and Javascript in general, and he loves to make the code look like poetry. Last but not least, he's deeply in love with his dog.

Juanjo Montiel


My name is Juanjo Montiel. I am software developer, working at Pasiona, a software consultancy company specialised in Microsoft technologies. I am an accessibility specialist and senior developer, working on both web projects and desktop applications. I have been working in the computer world for over ten years, making accessible aplications and helping blind people with products which help them in their day-to-day.

Ramón Guijarro


Ramón is a creative web developer with an interest in design, communication and data. He's a JavaScript and React enthusiast who likes to share the little he knows as much as he can. He also likes to find out about unexpected uses for the web. Making up silly personal needs in order to solve them with equally silly code projects is another of his questionable virtues.

Miguel Molina


Miguel first and foremost is a polyglot with an immense passion for programming. Currently he works as a senior fullstack engineer at source{d} with Go, Javascript (more often functional then not), (whenever possible) Elm and the React ecosystem.

Sergio Arbeo


He was born. He grew. He trolled.