David Fernandez


David has been working as a Linux System Engineer / DevOps / DBA / Network engineer / Jack-of-all-trades for more than 15 years. Most recently he has specialized in optimizing and building the infrastructure for large scale database systems, including AWS Redshift, Facebook's MySQL infrastructure and MongoDB Atlas.

James Reilly


James Reilly is a Network Production Engineer at Facebook, where he mostly focuses on network monitoring and automation. Previously, he worked on the Site Reliability Operations and Web Foundation teams where he focused on keeping the website up and running and automating himself. In his free time he enjoys playing with various electronics and fermentation experiments.

Alfonso Acosta


Fons is a functional programmer and a low-level systems tinkerer with an interest in product management and user experience. Before Weaveworks, he worked with distributed systems, data analytics, embedded software, compilers and communication satellites at Spotify (Sweden), Vector Fabrics (The Netherlands) and GMV (Spain).

Alejandro Guirao


Alex fell in love with Linux more than 15 years ago. He works as a DevOps Engineer automating-all-the-things and tinkering with containers, clouds, orchestration and other words that have a different meaning for most of the human beings. He also enjoys programming, Python and Golang being his preferred tools. Maybe you can find him trying to spot tupperwares in the deep forest using a GPS (Geocaching) or talking to people in other countries from a mountain summit using a fishing pole and some wires.

Sonia Meruelo


When back in 1994 Sonia installed her first GNU/Linux system and read the BOFH stories, she knew she would be a SysAdmin for a living. She is now a DevOps engineer at source{d}, where she is building the containerized infrastructure that will store and analyze every existing OSS git repository in the world. Programmer for fun, she has recently seen the light while learning Common Lisp.

Ivan Pedrazas

Soho House & Co

Ivan has a background in development and architecture. He has been helping companies to adopt DevOps and release better software more often. He enjoys designing and building distributed systems. He’s been working with kubernetes in production for almost two years.

Joseph Jacks

Quantum Corporation

Joseph is a founder of Kismatic (the enterprise Kubernetes company, now Apprenda), founder of KubeCon (the Kubernetes community conference, now owned by CNCF where he is also a founding member). He has spent the last 10 years working in high growth technology startups with a focus on enterprise software and SOA / middleware and more recently Linux container technology. Joseph is currently an EIR at Quantum Corporation working on ideas and plans to start a new company while also helping with Rook.